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Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia – Hidden Object Trip

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If you love hidden object hunting in faraway lands, the game we’re talking about today will surely pick your interest.

Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia presented by Big Fish Games is the second version in Big City Adveture puzzle odyssey. So now, along with the family, koala and platypus, you’re going to gaze at the most interesting sites of Sydney. Ironic cartoon graphics, colorful interface, and flavour of Australian capital – this is just a small piece of the huge adventure this game has to offer.

Download Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia for free

Get the full version of Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia

Here are a few things I love most about this game:

1. 76 levels; every hidden object level is a trip to a real location of Sydney: Hyde Park, Circular Quay, Subway, Observatory, Fort Denison, Powerhouse Museum, City Aquarium etc.

2. So you may not get bored of hidden object sleuthing, ispy levels go in a row with various puzzles like: match 3, collapse, classical puzzle etc.

3. The funniest levels are the ones where you’ll have to punch crocodiles showing up for a moment in different parts of the playfield on their head.

4. The game has a wide variety of bonuses. Collect bonus coins on the level backgrounds to expand your opportunities:

– single hint bonus coin to get an extra hint;

– fast forward hint coin – will display the location of all the unfound objects. Be sure to use it at the end of levels, when there are only few objects to find – so you will memorize their locations – since they will be displayed for a short time;

– extra time bonus coins(its name speaks for itself);

– skip coin – allows you to skip the puzzle.

After finding several objects in a row you’ll be awarded with quickfind bonus score.

On the whole, hidden object levels are a piece of cake – del-licious and easy! Most of the objects are located in front of the picture, which makes you find and click them faster and faster. As you play further, the levels become harder and more challenging and thus – absorbing.

I give five glamourous stars to Big City Adventure – Sydney, Australia and look forward to hear your impressions.

Download Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia for free

Get the full version of Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia

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Great Secrets: Da Vinci – Puzzle Pack with Renaissance Flavour

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Great Secrets: Da Vinci developed by Dayterium is the first game that plunges you in the life of Leonardo Da Vinci and Renaissance age. While playing, you’ll follow Leonardo in his studies and searches for the Philosopher’s stone starting from the time he was a young and naive boy longing to discover all the mysteries and up to the time he became a philosopher.

You’ll be following him to the places where he used to live and work. You’ll have a chance to gaze at the epoch of Italian Renaissance, breathe its air and hear its sounds. The music of the game is really stunning – very light and relaxing. The basic melody matches the overall look and feel of the game.

Da Vinci for free

Speaking about gameplay, Great Secrets: Da Vinci is another puzzle pack that well reminded me Pirateville, Mysteryville and other games of the kind. Every level offers you to solve a certain type of puzzles. Most of the levels are hidden object games. On some levels, you’ll have to trace the same hidden objects – say, find all apples on the level picture.

Da Vinci for free

You will also have restore Leonardo’s paintings out of numerous pieces by swapping them until every pieces takes its place, play matching card game and solve a lot of hidden object puzzles.

Da Vinci for free

Download Great Secrets: Da Vinci for free

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Ghost in the Sheet and Totem Quest – New Hit Candidates

While I was busy with our French blog, I nearly forgot to tell you about two great titles that are out this week:).

The first one is Ghost in the Sheet – a “heavyweight game” that turns out to be a light comedy adventure in the afterlife factory full of ironic moments. Travel to a ghost factory – master your supernatural skills and investigate the strange happenings that take place even in the afterlife.

Learn more about Ghost in the Sheet, download and buy this game

And another title that got my attention is Totem Quest from CTXM. This is the freshest mind-bender that blends elements of connection puzzle and jigsaw. The point is to find all the Ancient Mayan totems by solving jigsaw puzzles. But here, in order to complete a level and solve the puzzle, you need to rotate all puzzle pieces of the same color so they match each other.

Yes, the ingredients of the gameplay in Totem Quest are pretty much classical, but this mixture(jigsaw+connection) added an absolutely unique and original look and feel to the game. Also, the pros of Totem Quest are its cool Mayan-style music and colorful graphics.

Download Totem Quest for free

Totem Quest – Get the Full Version

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Jolis Jeux – French Version of our Blog is Here

Mesdames et messieurs!

After a hard work on choosing the right games, I have a pride to present you French version of our blog – Jolis Jeux. So, if you’re looking for casual games in the French language, check out Jolis Jeux – as it will be updated daily! Bienvenue sur notre blog

Elements – Speaking about Original Puzzle Games

The time of simple match-3 game has passed. And though there are still lots of fans of mind-bending, they became much more demanding(looks like soon all my posts will be rhymed:)). And this is what makes game developers come up with absolutely new concepts for matching.

Elements presented by Mumbo Jumbo is surely a puzzle game. The point of it is to unravel the secret formula by Leonardo Da Vinci and mix 4 elements to rule them.

Download Elements for free

Elements – Get the Full Version

Talking very roughly, you’ll be moving geometrical shapes(symbolizing an element – water, fire, air or thunder) and swapping them with other elements. The point is to perform as more matches as possible.

Download Elements Game for free

But speaking about the game graphics and audio – I can say that this is a real chef d’oeuvre of puzzle art. Never has any puzzle game featured such a terrific sound(very realistic thunder, water splash) and extremely realistic graphics(natural backgrounds that will plunge you deep into the sea or will make you soar high in the clouds).

This is just the game when you can’t get your hands off the game!

Download Elements for free

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Azada – Neverpassing Classics

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Today I decided to say a word about the games that will forever remain in the Fame Gallery of Casual Games. What else except Diner Dash and Mystery Case Files game series are there? The first BIG title that comes to my mind after mcf game series is AZADA from Big Fish Games.

Azada – free game download

Get the full version of Azada

Azada for Mac – free game download and full version

Walkthrough for Azada – free download and full version

This is a pioneer title in the genre of so-called point-and-click puzzles. In this game, you’ll have to investiage the disappearance of Titus and solve puzzles of all possible kinds – starting from simple jigsaw puzzles and up to real logical challenges.

Download Azada for free

Most of the levels are based on the point-and-click mechanics. That means, you’ll have to find the set of required objects in a number of rooms (say, a key and a match) and then use them to solve the puzzle. Light up the match, see the time on piece of paper, and set the clockwatch accordingly. Once you do that, you’re going to see a secret case that you’ll be able to open with your key.

Download Azada for free

On some levels of Azada, not only will you have to solve a puzzle. What’s more difficult, you’ll have to grasp its task. I was stuck on the level where you’ll have to uncover the sequence of paints on the paper. So, the point is to discover this sequence and touch each paint in this very sequence to get to the next level.

Download Azada for free

Azada is the first title that leads us to the world of mystery and subconsciousness in casual games. But it is not as scary as Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare. Azada is light and enjoyable due to its gorgeous light graphics and animation.

One day on the job interview I spent two hours solving banal logical tasks since an employer wanted to define my IQ. I now know it would be better to use Azada for that sake. This game can easily substitute for any IQ test. And much more enjoyable.

Azada – free game download

Get the full version of Azada

Azada for Mac – free game download and full version

Walkthrough for Azada – free download and full version

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