Ghost in the Sheet and Totem Quest – New Hit Candidates

While I was busy with our French blog, I nearly forgot to tell you about two great titles that are out this week:).

The first one is Ghost in the Sheet – a “heavyweight game” that turns out to be a light comedy adventure in the afterlife factory full of ironic moments. Travel to a ghost factory – master your supernatural skills and investigate the strange happenings that take place even in the afterlife.

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And another title that got my attention is Totem Quest from CTXM. This is the freshest mind-bender that blends elements of connection puzzle and jigsaw. The point is to find all the Ancient Mayan totems by solving jigsaw puzzles. But here, in order to complete a level and solve the puzzle, you need to rotate all puzzle pieces of the same color so they match each other.

Yes, the ingredients of the gameplay in Totem Quest are pretty much classical, but this mixture(jigsaw+connection) added an absolutely unique and original look and feel to the game. Also, the pros of Totem Quest are its cool Mayan-style music and colorful graphics.

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