Great Secrets: Da Vinci – Puzzle Pack with Renaissance Flavour

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Great Secrets: Da Vinci developed by Dayterium is the first game that plunges you in the life of Leonardo Da Vinci and Renaissance age. While playing, you’ll follow Leonardo in his studies and searches for the Philosopher’s stone starting from the time he was a young and naive boy longing to discover all the mysteries and up to the time he became a philosopher.

You’ll be following him to the places where he used to live and work. You’ll have a chance to gaze at the epoch of Italian Renaissance, breathe its air and hear its sounds. The music of the game is really stunning – very light and relaxing. The basic melody matches the overall look and feel of the game.

Da Vinci for free

Speaking about gameplay, Great Secrets: Da Vinci is another puzzle pack that well reminded me Pirateville, Mysteryville and other games of the kind. Every level offers you to solve a certain type of puzzles. Most of the levels are hidden object games. On some levels, you’ll have to trace the same hidden objects – say, find all apples on the level picture.

Da Vinci for free

You will also have restore Leonardo’s paintings out of numerous pieces by swapping them until every pieces takes its place, play matching card game and solve a lot of hidden object puzzles.

Da Vinci for free

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Blood Ties – TV Series is Becoming a Hidden Object Game

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Download Blood Ties for freeI have a great news for the fans of Blood Ties series. This movie series has become a game released by Big Fish Games today.

Blood Ties is a hidden object game that will have you investigating the case of disappearance of some persons along with a private detective Vicki Nelson and her friend, a 450-year-old vampire Henry.

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You are to find the hidden clues and piece them together in order to solve the mystery of the disappeared people and track its connection to the members of mystic society.

The game features sinister backgrounds and sound-track(smells like Mystery Case Files game series).and certainly, hidden object gameplay.

Tips and tricks are coming soon…

Download Blood Ties for free

Download Blood Ties and play one hour for free

Blood Ties – Get the Full Version

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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate – 10 Tips and Tricks

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Die Deutsche Version

Madame FateThank God the weather was awful today, so I stayed home all day long. I’ve been playing Madame Fate for three hours now, and passed a couple more episodes.

By the way, thank you for your interest in my MCF: Madame Fate – First Impressions. In 11 hours the article was pingbacked for three times.

Not bad for a newbies like us, Heidi.

Yeah, I forgot to tell you a very important thing: Big Fish games offer Strategy Guide for Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate.

Download Mystery Case Files Madame Fate

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate – Get full version

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate for mac – Free Download and full version

This full walkthrough that contains explanations might be useful for persistent players who are set to solve all the puzzles right here and now, but I am determined to make it to the end myself.

So, I’ve worked out several tips and tricks that will hopefully help you smell the “direction” of the puzzle. Certainly, I will appreciate it if you add your own tips and tricks.

1. Some I Spy(i.e. hidden object) levels hide one more level inside. For instance, once you’ll click on a admission office at circus entrance or a suitcase on top of the roof – you’ll find yourself playing a new hidden object level. Don’t miss these rooms – they may hide about a dozen of hidden objects.

2. These levels-inside-the-levels(let’s call it “babushka levels” he-he), feature very tricky hidden objects. To give you an expample, you need to find a “repaired chain” , yet on the game field you see just the torn chain pieces. So, click on each of them, and you will get “the repaired chain”.

One more example can be seen below. You are asked to find a “well-fed kittie”, yet all you see is just a cat and cat food. Drag a package of cat food to the cat’s plate, and it’ll become well-fed. This is it! but it made me scratch my head for 20 minutes first time I was playing the “babushka level”!


3. Some hidden object items look like you’ll never expect them to look. So, if you’re asked to find a pig, it can be the word “pig” on some banner, not the image of a pig.4. BTW, I’m now playing the level with the Art the Carny Man, and I’m required to find B’s. So, it does not only mean all the letters B on the picture, but also bees(insects). Oh, cunning Big Fish!!! hehehe


5. The introductory I spy levels may hide an extra time bonus behind some hidden object.

6. When you’re on introductory I Spy level (the second level in the beginning of each episode), observe the game field for the changing objects. This is one more bonus!

7. Word puzzles are aimed at testing your IQ. Thus you’ll be required to swap the letters and form several words that mean the signs of Zodiac, or swap the leters in the table so you’ll form 6 words horizontally and verticaly at the same time(see below).


8. In case you’re stuck, you can use hints(there are 5 of them for each episode). In the latest version, hints only make the whole thing more complicated, as they show you the area where you can find one of the clues.

9. Don’t click randomly – or you’ll be penalized for 30 seconds.

10. Luckily, you can skip the last “get-everything-yourself” puzzles. But in such a case, the time for your next episode is reduced.

This is it so far. But I’ll play further, and will publish more hints for the game.

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Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate – Playing Right Now

Nice to see people are coming to our blog even when I am out of reach. And today I am here to tell you the great news. The latest version of the Mystery Case Files saw the world, while my Internet connection didn’t work…

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate released by Big Fish Games


Download Mystery Case Files Madame Fate

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate – Get full version

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate for Mac – Free Download and full version

Story of Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate

This time you’ll tackle another thrilling story. Madame Fate – an experienced fortune-teller and master of the circus has seen her own murder in her crystal ball. For sure, every of the circus employees has their motives to kill Madame Fate(I hope you’ll understand them when you see the old lady:)).


So, you are to investigate the whereabouts of each circus performer at midnight to find out if he/she intends to kill Madame Fate.

Graphics and Sound

Due to the state-of-art animated graphics and sound this game is a must-play for all puzzle fans.

The Game Itself

In case you’re new to Mystery Case Files game series, I should tell you that this is a hidden object game epic. So, the game includes all possible puzzles you can think of(scrabble puzzle, i-spy, and this terrific get-what-to-do-yourself puzzle.) I will explain and show you everything below…

So, you are to find the whereabouts of the suspected person at midnight. Before you do that, you are to solve a number of puzzles:

1. Word puzzle(it dependson a certain level) – you are to make up words out of letters. Or you will be asked to swap letters to form the titles of Zodiac signs.

2. I spy, or hidden object puzzles like the one below.


Here are some general tips and tricks for Ispy levels of Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate: Please note that at hidden object levels you can find bonus items that will give you extra time. And at some hidden object levels there are objects that hide another hidden object level inside, which seemed pretty complicated to me at first time.

So, once you find all the hidden clues, it’s time to see Madame Fate, and solve one of the solve-everything-yourself riddles. See one of them below – I have almost solved it now:


Ok, I’m gone. Need to make it to the end before the sunrise:). I’ve been playing for two hours and about to close the case with the Bearded Beauty…

So, if you liked what you’ve read you can download the game right now and I am looking for your precious feedback.

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate – Get full version

Mystery Case Files: Madame Fate for Mac – Free Download and full version

In my opinion each new MCF installment is better than previous games. Do you agree?