Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia – Hidden Object Trip

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If you love hidden object hunting in faraway lands, the game we’re talking about today will surely pick your interest.

Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia presented by Big Fish Games is the second version in Big City Adveture puzzle odyssey. So now, along with the family, koala and platypus, you’re going to gaze at the most interesting sites of Sydney. Ironic cartoon graphics, colorful interface, and flavour of Australian capital – this is just a small piece of the huge adventure this game has to offer.

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Here are a few things I love most about this game:

1. 76 levels; every hidden object level is a trip to a real location of Sydney: Hyde Park, Circular Quay, Subway, Observatory, Fort Denison, Powerhouse Museum, City Aquarium etc.

2. So you may not get bored of hidden object sleuthing, ispy levels go in a row with various puzzles like: match 3, collapse, classical puzzle etc.

3. The funniest levels are the ones where you’ll have to punch crocodiles showing up for a moment in different parts of the playfield on their head.

4. The game has a wide variety of bonuses. Collect bonus coins on the level backgrounds to expand your opportunities:

– single hint bonus coin to get an extra hint;

– fast forward hint coin – will display the location of all the unfound objects. Be sure to use it at the end of levels, when there are only few objects to find – so you will memorize their locations – since they will be displayed for a short time;

– extra time bonus coins(its name speaks for itself);

– skip coin – allows you to skip the puzzle.

After finding several objects in a row you’ll be awarded with quickfind bonus score.

On the whole, hidden object levels are a piece of cake – del-licious and easy! Most of the objects are located in front of the picture, which makes you find and click them faster and faster. As you play further, the levels become harder and more challenging and thus – absorbing.

I give five glamourous stars to Big City Adventure – Sydney, Australia and look forward to hear your impressions.

Download Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia for free

Get the full version of Big City Adventure: Sydney, Australia

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