Elements – Speaking about Original Puzzle Games

The time of simple match-3 game has passed. And though there are still lots of fans of mind-bending, they became much more demanding(looks like soon all my posts will be rhymed:)). And this is what makes game developers come up with absolutely new concepts for matching.

Elements presented by Mumbo Jumbo is surely a puzzle game. The point of it is to unravel the secret formula by Leonardo Da Vinci and mix 4 elements to rule them.

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Talking very roughly, you’ll be moving geometrical shapes(symbolizing an element – water, fire, air or thunder) and swapping them with other elements. The point is to perform as more matches as possible.

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But speaking about the game graphics and audio – I can say that this is a real chef d’oeuvre of puzzle art. Never has any puzzle game featured such a terrific sound(very realistic thunder, water splash) and extremely realistic graphics(natural backgrounds that will plunge you deep into the sea or will make you soar high in the clouds).

This is just the game when you can’t get your hands off the game!

Download Elements for free

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