Great Secrets: Da Vinci – Puzzle Pack with Renaissance Flavour

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Great Secrets: Da Vinci developed by Dayterium is the first game that plunges you in the life of Leonardo Da Vinci and Renaissance age. While playing, you’ll follow Leonardo in his studies and searches for the Philosopher’s stone starting from the time he was a young and naive boy longing to discover all the mysteries and up to the time he became a philosopher.

You’ll be following him to the places where he used to live and work. You’ll have a chance to gaze at the epoch of Italian Renaissance, breathe its air and hear its sounds. The music of the game is really stunning – very light and relaxing. The basic melody matches the overall look and feel of the game.

Da Vinci for free

Speaking about gameplay, Great Secrets: Da Vinci is another puzzle pack that well reminded me Pirateville, Mysteryville and other games of the kind. Every level offers you to solve a certain type of puzzles. Most of the levels are hidden object games. On some levels, you’ll have to trace the same hidden objects – say, find all apples on the level picture.

Da Vinci for free

You will also have restore Leonardo’s paintings out of numerous pieces by swapping them until every pieces takes its place, play matching card game and solve a lot of hidden object puzzles.

Da Vinci for free

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