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Dear friends – those who come to check for fresh games often as well as new-comers!  It’s time for us to  make another big step in  building a strong GameGlamour community on the web. We want to thank you all for your interest in playing quality games, and your good choice, and want to welcome you at our self-hosted blog at

What you’re going to find here:

1. More features;

2. more games;

3. free game credits for the most active players.

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Game Hunger for BIG games

You can never satisfy your hunger for games. Now that I am done with such epic titles as Chocolatier 2 and fast-paced Turbo Subs, I am dying to start playing something new, elegant, and relaxing. I feel that it’s nothing better than look back in 2007 – since the greatest titles remained there.

I’m thankful to my destiny and Google that brought me to a review of Dream Day First Home by . It has truly recreated the flavour of this elegant hidden object game. So, I am pretty positive – I am going to try it! It really hooked me up.

P.S. I only wonder – how can a man( owner) write such detailed reviews of casual games? It’s nice to see some men in the community of casual game fans. And it’s nice to meet men who prefer clean family-friendly games to the core titles full of blood and violence(do you hear me, my elder son;0)

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